Ilias Belharouak

Oak Ridge National Laboratory United States of America

Dr. Ilias Belharouak is a Materials Scientist Leader and Energy Storage Expert in the Chemical Sciences and Engineering Division at Argonne National Laboratory, Illinois, USA. He published over 200 peer-reviewed publications, papers at professional society meetings, and patents. He is a reviewer for several international journals in the field of electrochemistry, batteries, and materials physics and chemistry. Dr. Belharouak was recognized with several awards including R&D-100 awards, Pacesetter awards, and Federal and State Laboratory Consortium Awards. Dr. Belharouak holds Ph.D. and Master’s Degrees in Materials Science from the Institute for Solid State Chemistry, National Center for Scientific Research, University Bordeaux 1, France; and a Bachelor’s Degree in Inorganic Chemistry, University Cadi Ayyad, Morocco.

Ilias Belharouak

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The eight chapters in this book cover topics on advanced anode and cathode materials, materials design, materials screening, electrode architectures, diagnostics and materials characterization, and electrode/electrolyte interface characterization for lithium batteries. All these topics were carefully chosen to reflect the most recent advances in the science and technology of rechargeable Li-ion batteries, to provide wide readership with a platform of subjects that will help in the understanding of current technologies, and to shed light on areas of deficiency and to energize prospects for future advances.

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