Marjanca Starčič Erjavec

University of Ljubljana

Marjanca Starčič Erjavec, PhD, is a professor of Molecular Biology at the Department of Biology, Biotechnical faculty, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, EU. She studied biology (undergraduate course) and biochemistry and molecular biology (graduate course) at the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. She defended her PhD thesis in the field of bacterial molecular genetics at the University of Utrecht, Netherlands. She was a visiting professor at University of Maribor, Slovenia, University of Graz, Austria, University of Modena, Italy, Duke University, Durham, USA and at the Institute of Ecology and Genetics of Microorganisms, Perm, Russia. At the University of Ljubljana, she is involved in teaching different subjects for students of microbiology and molecular and functional biology. She conducts research on horizontal gene transfer, including plasmids, natural and clinical E. coli strains.

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The title of the book "The Universe of Escherichia coli" aims to present and emphasize the huge diversity of this bacterial species and our efforts to prevent the E. coli infections. As it is part of the gut microbiota, E. coli is a well-known commensal species, and probiotic E. coli strains are successfully used for improving host's health. Also many "workhorse" E. coli strain exist that are employed in laboratory and biotechnology settings. But certain E. coli strains can cause intestinal and also extraintestinal infections at many anatomical sites. Therefore many efforts are undertaken to prevent E. coli infections, among them food safety, vaccines, but also new antimicrobial agents are searched for.

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