Mariz Vainzof

University of Sao Paulo Brazil

Graduation, MS and Ph.D. in human genetics in the university of Sao Paulo, Brazil. Associate professor- Department of Genetics and Evolutive biology, Biosciences Institute, University of Sao Paulo. Head of the Muscle Protein Laboratory – Human Genome Research Center, USP, with the main research lines involving the study of muscle proteins and their association with several congenital myopathies and muscular dystrophies, muscle development, animal models and cell therapy for NMD. Also is involved in post-graduation and graduation programs, ethical comities, and clinical and diagnostic services for patients with NMD. Member of several international organization and consortium of muscle diseases. Academic Production: 120 scientific articles in refereed journals, and 12 book chapters. Average Citation time: 2200, and h-index of 26.

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