Cornel Iancu

Institutul Regional de Gastroenterologie Prof. Dr. Octavian Fodor Romania

Cornel Iancu, professor and chairman of the of 3rd Department of Surgery at 'Iuliu Hatieganu” University of Medicine Cluj-Napoca is a pioneer in laparoscopic surgery. A highly respected surgeon, teacher and researcher, he is one of the leading authorities on advanced laparoscopic surgery in Romania. Beside laparoscopic cholecystectomy and anti-reflux surgery Dr. Iancu has extensive experience in performing advanced laparoscopic procedures for gastric tumors, colo-rectal malignancies, pancreatic and liver tumors and complicated hydatic disease. Among research in the field of digestive surgical oncology and endoscopic surgery, Dr. Iancu’s research was also focused in the area of nanotechnology, bio-nano-medical research and treatment by bioconjugated nanomaterials with priority on the selective laser ablation and optical damage of the pancreatic and liver cancer cells mediated by antibodies functionalized nanoparticles.

Cornel Iancu

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Surgeons from various domains have become fascinated by endoscopy with its very low complications rates, high diagnostic yields and the possibility to perform a large variety of therapeutic procedures. Therefore during the last 30 years, the number and diversity of surgical endoscopic procedures has advanced with many new methods for both diagnoses and treatment, and these achievements are presented in this book. Contributing to the development of endoscopic surgery from all over the world, this is a modern, educational, and engrossing publication precisely presenting the most recent development in the field. New technologies are described in detail and all aspects of both standard and advanced endoscopic maneuvers applied in gastroenterology, urogynecology, otorhinolaryngology, pediatrics and neurology are presented. The intended audience for this book includes surgeons from various specialities, radiologists, internists, and subspecialists.

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