Hala Gali-Muhtasib

American University of Beirut

Hala Gali-Muhtasib is a tenured Professor of Cell and Cancer Biology at the American University of Beirut (AUB), Lebanon. She received her PhD from Kansas State University, Manhattan, USA and joined AUB in 1994. She assumed many administrative positions at AUB including Interim Associate Provost, Chair of Enrollment Management, Chair of Biology Department and Director of Center for Drug Discovery. She is a prominent scholar with outstanding scientific contributions to the study of the role of natural products in cancer therapy and identifying their cellular and molecular mechanisms of action. She has published 95 peer reviewed articles, more than 10 book chapters and has edited a few books. Gali-Muhtasib has received many research achievement awards for her contributions to advance the field of natural product drug discovery and drug delivery.

Hala Gali-Muhtasib

2books edited

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This book incorporates developments in our understanding of cell death mechanisms and highlights recent advances in programmed cell death regulation processes. It provides the reader with the network of pathways targeted by herbal anticancer drugs and discusses the role of endoplasmic reticulum stress in cell death mechanisms in addition to highlighting the mechanisms of autophagy and its role in diseases. This book provides valuable material for researchers and for teaching postgraduate students. Emphasis on recent advances and their clinical applications offers insights to researchers that will likely lead to the development of novel therapeutic approaches.

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