Nathan Wall

Loma Linda UniversityUnited States of America

I received my PhD in Cancer Biology from Wayne State University/Karmanos Cancer Institute/Michigan Cancer Foundation in Detroit, MI in 2000. While there I worked for Dr. Ayad Al-Katib on the ubiquitination of Bcl2 and the novel biological agent Bryostatin 1. I completed two post-doctoral fellowships at first (2000-2002) Yale University in the lab of Dr. Dario Altieri where I started my chosen area of work on the inhibitor of apoptosis, Survivin. I next (2003-2004) developed my molecular skills in the laboratory of Dr. Yang Shi at the Medical School at Harvard. In September 2004 I was recruited to the Center for Molecular Biology & Gene Therapy, now Center for Health Disparities & Molecular Medicine at Loma Linda University. I am joint appointed in the Depts. of Basic Sciences, Pediatrics and Radiation Medicine. In 2008 I completed my MBA in management from the University of Redlands.

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