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Dr. Oscar Grillo is a food technologist with an international PhD in applied and environmental botany. Since 2003 he has been working as a researcher at the Stazione Sperimentale di Granicoltura per la Sicilia, a governmental institute of agronomic research, mainly working with computer vision applied to food matrices and plant structures. Currently, he is collaborating with the Sardinian Germplasm Bank of the Biodiversity Conservation Centre of the University of Cagliari on projects devoted to wild plant seed characterization and identification by image analysis. He also works as a supervisor for many MSc and PhD students. He is the author of about 50 research works published in many peer-reviewed journals and about 70 international conference papers. Dr. Grillo is a referee for a few peer-reviewed journals, and many times was invited as a visiting professor by national and international universities and research centres. In 2011 he was the co-editor of five volumes published by InTech, and in 2014 the editor of the last one.

Oscar Grillo

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In recent years, all over the world, the attention paid to local and traditional productions is growing, especially in the agro-food sector. Maybe, it is not only due to the impact of globalization and the social and economic changes but also due to the increased consideration to health and nutritional aspects of food. Hence, for economic, social, historical, and nutritional reasons, this trend has led to the rediscovery and reuse of landraces of many different crops, responding to requests for more and more demanding market. This volume collects examples of local crops and old landraces of different areas of the planet that testify the extreme importance of the relation existing among a land, the local productions, the historical traditions, the conservation of biodiversity, the health benefits, the environmental impact and the local economies, also including the significance to dedicate resources to scientific researches in local crops.

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