Muhammad Mohiuddin

Université Laval

Muhammad Mohiuddin, PhD is an associate professor of International Business and Global Strategy at Laval University, Canada. Dr. Mohiuddin taught at Thompson Rivers University, Canada; University of Paris-Est, France; Osnabruck University of Applied Science, Germany; Shanghai Institute of Technology, and Tianjin University of Technology, China. His research was published at Research Policy, Applied Economics, Review of Economic Philosophy, Strategic Change, International Journal of Logistics, Sustainability, Journal of Environmental Management, Journal of Cleaner Production, M@N@GEMENT, among others. He is currently serving as Director of Research Group on contemporary Asia (GERAC) at Laval University. M. Mohiuddin, Ph.D., is Associate Editor, Transnational Corporations Review [SCOPUS, ESCI, CABS]. His research interests focus on emerging markets and sustainable offshore outsourcing. He published more than 40 peer reviewed articles and won étudiant-chercheur étoile (STAR-Researcher) Award (FQRSC), 'Best paper awards” ASAC 2018, ASAC 2014, ASAC 2012 and AGBA, 2013 and Hon'ble Mention Award in AIB-NE, 2013. He was also awarded the CIRRELT, FQRSC, SSHRC, ISESCO, Dean’s Research Award (2015), Teaching Award (2016), and Service Award (2018), and President (Vice Chancellor's) Research Award 2019. He has also obtained IDG (SSHRC) grant 2019.

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Knowledge management (KM) has become an important business strategy in an era of accelerated globalization, digitalization, and servitization of products and services. Maximizing the use of organizational resources becomes fundamental for continuous growth and prosperity. Organizations of various kinds such as resource-based organizations, product-based organizations, as well as knowledge-intensive service-oriented organizations require specific policies and support services to improve the knowledge management in their respective organizations. Knowledge Management Strategies and Applications focuses on the way organizations can create knowledge, share existing or new knowledge, and disseminate them among the stakeholders, most importantly among the employees, managers, customers, and suppliers. The selected topics are drawn from several fields of studies and give a multidisciplinary outlook. The book will be interesting not only for the researchers and students but also for the managers who want to improve knowledge sharing and innovation capabilities in their organizations.

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