Muhammad Mohiuddin

Université Laval

Dr. Muhammad Mohiuddin is an Associate Professor of International Business at Laval University, Canada. He has taught at Thompson Rivers University, Canada; University of Paris-Est, France; Osnabruck University of Applied Science, Germany; Shanghai Institute of Technology and Tianjin University of Technology, China. He has published research in Research Policy, Applied Economics, Review of Economic Philosophy, Strategic Change, International Journal of Logistics Research and Applications, Sustainability, Journal of Environmental Management, Journal of Global Information Management, Journal of Cleaner Production, M@N@GEMENT, and more. He is currently the director of the Research and Study Group on Contemporary Asia (GERAC) at Laval University. He is the also co-managing editor of Transnational Corporations Review.

Muhammad Mohiuddin

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International Business - New Insights on Changing Scenarios is a collection of reviewed and relevant research chapters offering a comprehensive overview of recent developments in business, management, and economics. The book presents a review of the latest research efforts by international authors in social science and opens new possible research paths for further novel developments. Chapters address such topics as business intelligence, circular systems, corporate governance, work-related safety issues, and much more.

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