Christine T. Mwenge Kahinda

A highly motivated diligent Researcher with 16 years’ combined experience in biological science research and development in both academia and industry. I demonstrate skills in conducting, compiling, and presenting Microbiology, Immunology, Vaccinology, Animal experimental studies and Veterinary Clinical trials research. My current research projects focus on development of improved combination vaccines, containing clostridial and non-clostridial antigens for protection against several diseases in bovine; ovine and caprine, by introducing various downstream applications during the vaccine manufacturing process and testing various vaccine formulations based on the use of novel adjuvants to improve immunogenicity. Having work as a vaccine researcher for 7 years, it is time to seek exciting and new opportunity for growth, as an influential leader in the field of vaccinology and a contributor to new knowledge / understanding of infectious diseases pathogenesis in order to develop novel therapeutics or vaccines. Further to this, I recently completed a BA honours degree in development studies and hoping to apply the knowledge gained from this to better understand the impact of economic development on health systems and eradication of infectious diseases. As such, working in academia will afford me the opportunity to conduct multidisciplinary research.

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