Ishwar Singh

McMaster University

Ishwar Singh is an adjunct professor in the School of Engineering Practice and Technology (SEPT), McMaster University, Ontario, Canada. Previously, he was the founding associate director of the four-year BTech programs, a joint venture between McMaster University and Mohawk College, Ontario, Canada, and the chair of the process automation program. He coordinated the design, development, and implementation of process automation, automotive and vehicle technology, and biotechnology programs. He also contributed to the establishment of the energy engineering technology degree BTech program as well as online conversion of the software program. More recently, he has been involved in the establishment of the SEPT Learning Factory for Industry 4.0 Education, Training & Applied Research, and MEng programs.

Ishwar Singh

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The evolution of emerging and innovative technologies based on Industry 4.0 concepts are transforming society and industry into a fully digitized and networked globe. Sensing, communications, and computing embedded with ambient intelligence are at the heart of the Internet of Things (IoT), the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), and Industry 4.0 technologies with expanding applications in manufacturing, transportation, health, building automation, agriculture, and the environment. It is expected that the emerging technology clusters of ambient intelligence computing will not only transform modern industry but also advance societal health and wellness, as well as and make the environment more sustainable. This book uses an interdisciplinary approach to explain the complex issue of scientific and technological innovations largely based on intelligent computing.

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