Carmine Massarelli

National Research Council

Carmine Masserelli is an environmental technologist at the Water Research Institute (IRSA) of the Italian National Research Council (CNR). He is an expert in the development of smart technologies for water management and environmental monitoring, characterisation and monitoring of contaminated and degraded sites, integration of spatial data such as standard methodologies, interoperability, and spectral data infrastructures. He also has expertise in the design of complex monitoring programs of water and soil aimed at the correct assessment of the environmental status. Dr. Masserelli is currently coordinating several research projects for regional monitoring of pesticide residues in water bodies, pollution by nitrates of agricultural origin, understanding the dynamics of environmental illegals, and safeguarding biodiversity.

Carmine Massarelli

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The book includes important contributions that discuss state-of-the-art techniques and technologies for monitoring lentic and lotic water environments. It includes contributions that deepen and integrate the knowledge of the impacts and pressures of surrounding environments in the monitoring techniques of aquatic environments. Furthermore, the book presents studies relating to the management of inland waters and related indicators to identify the most common pollution problems.

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