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Dr. Erlinda M. Gordon, MD, is a Pediatric Hematologist-Oncologist with extensive experience in the field of gene transfer/gene therapy, specifically in the development of the first and, so far, only, targeted gene vector that has been validated in the clinic. Dr. Gordon served as the Gene Therapy Sponsor and FDA liaison for five US-based Phase I/II clinical trials for pancreatic cancer, sarcoma, and breast cancer and three Philippines-based Phase 1/2 studies for all solid tumors. During her eleven-year term as Chief Medical Officer of Epeius Biotechnologies Corp., DeltaRex-G (formerly Rexin-G) gained US FDA Fast Track status for pancreatic cancer, Orphan Drug designation for pancreatic cancer, osteosarcoma, and soft tissue sarcoma, and accelerated approval for all solid malignancies in the Philippines. Dr. Gordon is the Founder and President of the Aveni Foundation, and under her supervision, DeltaRex-G gained Expanded Access for DeltaRex-G in 2019 and Emergency Use Authorization for COVID-19 in 2020. Dr. Gordon served as Associate Professor of Pediatrics, USC Keck School of Medicine/Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles, California, from 1989 to 2013. Dr. Gordon received an Award for Excellence in Biotechnology from the Los Angeles City Mayor in 2005 and the Thomas Award for Excellence in Biomedical Research in 2016.

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The revival of DeltaRex-G (formerly Rexin-G)—the first proactive tumor-hunting/tumor-killing biomedicine of this kind in history—returned active tumor surveillance and a precision-guided “silver bullet” (dnG1 killer gene) to the cancer clinic with “Expanded Access” in 2019. Empowered by US Right-to-Try legislation, while honoring ethical principles of “informed consent,” this unique graphic/picturesque presentation of clinical and translational medicine is intended for postmodern (post-Enlightenment) layman readers, including cancer patients, students, researchers, and future practitioners in the field of precision gene-based medicine. Confronting logical fallacies in popular opinion, the authors present newsworthy, up-to-date clinical research documenting the successful management of refractory metastatic cancers with tumor-targeted gene therapy vectors—validating “pathotropic” (disease-seeking) tumor targeting avant la lettre.

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Our Journey Beyond Sunset Boulevard IntechOpen
Our Journey Beyond Sunset Boulevard Evidence-based Analysis of Tumor-Targeted Gen... Authored by Erlinda M. Gordon and Frederick Hall

Our Journey Beyond Sunset Boulevard

Authored by Erlinda M. Gordon and Frederick Hall