Frederick Hall

Delta Next-Gene, LLC, Santa Monica

Dr. Frederick L. Hall, Ph.D., is an American scientist whose work in chemical carcinogenesis and molecular cybernetics established the biochemistries and molecular genetics of 'Stem Cell Competence” governing the animal cell division cycle. His research laboratory at CHLA discovered/cloned or helped characterize the human EGFr-associated (HERA) Map kinase signaling pathway and the cyclin-dependent kinase pathway in cancer. His pioneering work with Dr. Erlinda M. Gordon, MD, developed DeltaRex-G (formerly Rexin-G) from bench to bedside, establishing Cyclin G1 blockade (dnG1, silver bullet) as a singular, pivotal, and strategic locus for applied/targeted cancer gene therapy. Dr. Hall served progressively as Director of Research in the departments of orthopedic, cardiothoracic, and colorectal cancer surgeries at the USC Keck School of Medicine; former President, CEO, and CSO of Epeius Biotechnologies; acting CSO of the Aveni Foundation rescue mission; current partner in Counterpoint Biomedica and Delta NextGene supportive biotechnology firms. Dr. Hall received the Smith Award for Excellence in Biomedical Research in 1995.

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