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Monique Mancuso is a biologist with an MSc in Biological Sciences (1999) and a Ph.D. in Marine Environmental Health, Fish Pathology and Quality (2006), both from the University of Messina, Italy. She is also a specialist in applied microbiology. She has been a researcher at the Institute for Marine Biological Resources and Biotechnology of the National Research Council (IRBIM-CNR) of Messina since 2013. Dr. Mancuso is a member of the editorial board of several scientific journals. Her research interests include bacterial diseases in wild and farmed marine organisms, synthetic antibacterial effects, antibacterial effects of natural essential oils, and the evaluation and characterization of microplastics in seawater and marine organisms.

Monique Mancuso

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This book discusses marine pollution. It includes 10 chapters that attempt to answer the questions of how to reduce marine pollution and what really can be done to improve the quality of the sea. Topics addressed include microplastics, the dispersion of oil in the sea, contamination by potentially toxic elements (PTEs), and much more.

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