Samar Alzeer

University of Edinburgh United Kingdom

Affiliated PhD student in Health and Clinical Psychology, and Tutor in Clinical Psychology and Social Inequality and Mental Health at the School of Health and Social Science, University of Edinburgh, EH8 9AG, UK. E-mail: UoE Profile: In research, Developmental psychology, Personality and Social Psychology, Trauma, as well as Positive Psychology have always been my focus areas of study. My research intends to conceptualize health, mental health and wellbeing through the contribution of environmental and individual risk and protective factors throughout life-span development. I thrive to reinforce a rational approach to capacity development in order to reduce disparities in different forms of discrimination as a primary risk factor for children and their families. Also, I tend to highlight common and global controversial aspects such as education, health, economy, and socio-cultural equality (gender, ethnic and racial equality) through translational research methodologies in consequence to improve implications of mental health policy and intervention to support wellbeing, economic growth, and production. In perspective, these multi-dimensional and person-centered approaches are needed to examine constellations of ethnic and racial identity beliefs, ethnic-racial socialization experiences, and cultural orientations, and therefore, may aid in times of human crisis and trauma. Current research interests: My proposed PhD research suggests to investigate familial emotional and self-regulation, coping strategies and adaption by adopting a constructivist grounded theory methodology (Charmaz, 2014) to develop a conceptual understanding of the transgenerational refugee-related trauma in Arab refugee family relational patterns. The project sheds light on contextual influences of cross-cultural perspectives in child development, parenting and family dynamics, underlying Arab cultural identity, morals and values as the foundation of its approach to diverse populations when exploring trauma. Past research interests: My MSc project Risk Factors Contributing to the Development of Personality Traits in Young Adults: Parental Attachment and Peer Relationships granted me the opportunity to work with large data sets and use different correlation and regression methods for data analyses. In my work, I meant to emphasize on the interplay between environmental and interpersonal variables contributing to psychopathology within the framework of the theory of attachment on a non-clinical population. Through utilizing an interdisciplinary approach in my studies and research, I seek a clear understanding of the mechanisms of risk and protective factors on the human development in theory and practice. Therefore, my studies and research aim to facilitate practitioners, educators, and policy makers seek more effective planning for targeted interventions, treatments, as well as prevention approaches for better outcomes.

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