Sayyed Ali Samadi

University of Ulster

PRESENT POSITION 1. The Senior Consultant for establishing rehabilitation and education services for children with special needs and their families at Bahoz centre for children with special needs. from September 2020 to the present time. Kurdistan Region of Iraq - Erbil 2. The Senior Consultant for Autism Spectrum Disorder Service Provision, at the Iranian State Welfare Organization (ISWO) from 2011 to the present time. Tehran - Iran ACADEMIC RANK Research Associate Fellow at University of Ulster- Department of Nursing and Health Research- Centre for Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities-School of Nursing- Jordanstown Campus from November 2011 to November 2014, extended in 2015 until November 2017- extended to 2022 EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND AND ACADEMIC DEGREES 2010 PhD University of Ulster Department of Life and Health Science, Northern Ireland- UK Major: Developmental Disabilities - Minor: Autism Spectrum Disorders Dissertation Title: The impacts on Iranian parents who have children with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) 1994 MS Allameh Tabatabai University Faculty of Psychology and Education, Tehran, Iran Major: Psychology of Exceptional Children - Minor: Learning Disabilities Thesis Title: Maternal Psycho-social stressor and its impacts on delivery qualifications (ranked number one) 1991 BA Allameh Tabatabai University Faculty of Psychology and Education, Tehran, Iran Major: Educational Science - Minor: Educational Technology (ranked number one) PUBLICATIONS: Journal papers 38 published paper in the International peer-reviewed journals. 30 published papers in domestic peer-reviewed journals. Books: 16 titles published books (15 in Persian) 1 title in English 3 book chapters in English. JOURNAL EDITOR Journal of Behavioural Science: Guest Editor of Special Issue on 'Autism and Developmental Disabilities' (2019) Brain Science: Guest editor of Special Issue on 'Connections between Parental Involvement and Treatment of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)' (2020) Brain Science: Topic editor (2021) JOURNAL REVIEW • Iranian Peer-review Journal Iranian Quarterly Journal of Research in Special Education/Journal of Education (the official journal of Iranian Special Education Organization) • International Peer review Journals (Number of Manuscripts reviewed since 2011, 70. Number of Manuscripts reviewed in 2019, 29) for over 17 international journals. STUDENTS ADVISED: 5 graduated, and1 on-going PhD students in Rehabilitation, Psychology, Philosophy of science and Physiology and sport science.

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