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University of Ulster United Kingdom

Dr. Sayyed Ali Samadi was born and raised in Mahabad the Kurdish city of Iran. He studied in Iran and the UK. He is an active researcher and an advocate in the field of developmental disabilities. His background is in Instructional Technology, child psychology, after which he received his Ph.D. in Intellectual and developmental disabilities. He has been acted as the advisor for establishing health and educational services for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders in Low- and middle-income countries. He has published over 40 research papers in international peer-review journals and published several books and book chapters in both Persian and English. Presentably he is working as the senior advisor for establishing the health, rehabilitation, and training services at Bahoz center in Erbil the Kurdistan region of Iraq.

Sayyed Ali Samadi

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Parenting is a lifelong task and parents are always remaining as a parent. Parenting in the present situation faces many challenges which need to be reviewed and understood with profuse equanimity and alacrity. This book tries to consider the process of parenting in different conditions such as during COVID-19 lockdown, in the refugee camps, and in different cultural structures and economic conditions. Situations that families face due to changing conditions such as global changes which cause lifestyles, immigration patterns, social conflicts, and raising children with developmental disabilities have been discussed. Topics such as professional concern with child care and education, gender roles and caregiving, and father’s involvement in parenting, have been covered in different chapters of the book.

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