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Massimo Ingrassia, PsyD, is an associate professor of developmental and educational psychology at Messina University, Italy, where he teaches undergraduate and postgraduate courses in health psychology. Currently, he is the coordinator of the master\'s degree in Clinical and Health Psychology in the Life Cycle. His research interests are teen and emerging-adult risk behaviors, digital technologies in child development, pediatric palliative care and family resilience, and quality of life in chronic diseases. He is also a scientific advisor in research projects assessing psychological adjustment and therapeutic adherence in chronic illness. With Loredana Benedetto he co-edited the volumes Parenting - Empirical Advances and Intervention Resources and Parenting - Studies by an Ecocultural and Transactional Perspective for IntechOpen, respectively in 2018 and 2021.

Massimo Ingrassia

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The studies in this book focus on factors that challenge the developmental paths of adolescents. The themes are: online experience (i.e., the overuse of screens, the proliferation of inappropriate videos, or parental pressures for children to remain always connected), the difficulties of pandemic times (i.e., coping with anxiety or illness), and two conditions of great fragility (that of being a migrant refugee minor, or an adolescent with severe mental disorder). These topics illustrate the multiple adolescent development pathways that inspire the plural title of the volume: Adolescences. Each author suggests protective factors (personal, family, educational, and friendship-related) that can contribute to promoting a healthy developmental outcome.

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