Ravi Kumar Kanaparthi

Central University of Kerala

Dr. Ravi Kumar Kanaparthi is a senior assistant professor at the Department of Chemistry, the Central University of Kerala, India. His research group focused on material synthesis for harvesting solar energy (dye-sensitized solar cells), optoelectronic devices, and sensors. Besides, he is also working on the fabrication of fluorescent nanomaterials and studying their photophysics. He is an expert in studying photophysics of materials by both steady-state and time-resolved fluorescence techniques, fabrication of DSSCs, synthesis of organic and metal nanoparticles, and optical and electron microscopy techniques. He has successfully completed two major research projects received from SERB, Government of India. He has published over twenty-five international/national research articles in peer-reviewed journals and presented his research findings in various national and international conferences. He teaches Quantum Chemistry, Molecular Spectroscopy, and Instrumentational Methods of Analyses to the postgraduate students.

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