Suresh Iyer

National Chemical Laboratory

After a Ph.D. in Organometallic chemistry with Prof. L. S. Liebeskind (Emory University, USA) followed by post-doc with NL- Prof Ei-ichi Negishi (Purdue University, USA), I joined NCL, Pune where I specialized in the field of organometallic chemistry and synthetic applications in organic chemistry. I have guided 5 Ph.D. students and 20 MSc students as well as got Extramural research funding from DST and CSIR. I have also trained 7 Project assistants in various DST - CSIR Projects. Our research work has been in the field of organotransition metal chemistry and applications in organic synthesis (Mizoroki-Heck reaction, Suzuki coupling, Sonogahsira coupling, Buchwald-Hartwig aryl amination, C-H activation), Bimetallic catalysis, Nanoparticle catalysis, Visible light dual metal photo redox catalysis, Catalytic transfer hydrogenation, study of metal nitrenes and synthetic applications of N-heterocycles. Our work in later years has focussed on the harvesting of sunlight, green technology and bimetallic catalysts. We have published our work in international journals and presented posters in regional and national conferences.

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