Małgorzata Ziarno

Warsaw University of Life Sciences

Małgorzata Ziarno is a professor at the Institute of Food Sciences, Warsaw University of Life Sciences (SGGW-WULS), Poland. Her professional interests include production systems and quality of dairy products and their plant substitutes, analysis and evaluation of dairy products and their plant substitutes, food production hygiene and food quality control, application of lactic acid bacteria and propionic acid bacteria in food production and bioprotection, production of functional food, and modifying the nutritional value. Privately, she is a person with a wide range of interests and a wealth of hobbies, including food, cultivation of plants, astronomy, and cosmonautics as well as music and computer games.

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This book presents certain aspects of the consumer, nutritional, and technological approach to plant-based milk substitutes. It also provides a useful overview of cow’s milk substitutes produced from raw materials along with their composition and quality, shelf life, nutritional value, human health significance, and consumer acceptance. Nutrition issues and consumer acceptance of plant-based foods are extremely important, especially for vegans or individuals with allergy and intolerance issues. These issues are also important for the agriculture industry in developing countries, as they also apply to feed farm animals.

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