Anna Ng-Pellegrino

St. Luke's University Health Network

Anna Ng-Pellegrino is a board-certified cardiac anesthesiologist and the Director of Perioperative Research at the Department of Research and Innovation, St. Luke’s University Health Network, Pennsylvania, USA. She is a mentor to medical students, student nurse anesthetists, residents, and postdoctoral research fellows. Her research interests and quality projects focus on perioperative medicine, including outcomes from enhanced recovery after surgery (ERAS) protocols, regional and pain medicine, ambulatory surgery, and safety monitoring for the patient floor in the hospital setting. Her authorship contributions can be seen in research articles, books, and abstracts.

Anna Ng-Pellegrino

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The word “anesthesia” is commonly associated with surgery in an operating room setting. This book hopes to take the reader on a journey that will highlight the myriad roles that anesthesiologists currently play, and what roles beyond the operating room are on the horizon. In this book, we hope to portray modern anesthesiology as a truly unifying force within the fabric of the contemporary healthcare environment.

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