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Professor Dora Krezhova was born in Sofia and obtained master degree in telecommunication from the Technical University of Sofia, Bulgaria. Since graduating, after a six-year position of research fellow at the Institute of computing techniques she moved to the Solar-Terrestrial Research Institute. Presently, she is Associate Professor at the Space and Solar-Terrestrial Research Institute at the Bulgarian academy of sciences. Krezhova published more than 187 research papers. She has contributed to the design of more than 10 scientific devices and systems and her PhD thesis and researches have made use of multichannel spectrometers for solving problems in remote sensing of the Earth and planets. For participation in the Bulgarian space programmes for remote sensing of the Earth by means of air and space-born equipment she was awarded with honorary badges, diplomas and medals. Her scientific contributions come from accurate determination of incident solar radiation and studies of spectral reflectance characteristics of natural formations, fluorescence of plants, and the impact of abiotic and biotic stress factors on plant physiology. She has a special interest in data processing and development of new mathematical models for description of the details of spectral characteristics and classification of natural formations and processes.

Dora Krezhova

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This book presents the importance of applying of novel genetics and breading technologies. The efficient genotype selections and gene transformations provide for generation of new and improved soybean cultivars, resistant to disease and environmental stresses. The book introduces also a few recent modern techniques and technologies for detection of plant stress and characterization of biomaterials as well as for processing of soybean food and oil products.

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