Reda Sammour

King Saud University Saudi Arabia

Professor RH Sammour was born in Egypt and obtained Ph D degrees in Molecular systematic on joint work between Tanta University and Durham University, England in 1985. In 1995 he promoted to professor of molecular systematic. Sammour published more than sixty research papers. His PhD thesis and re-searches have made use of molecular techniques for solving problems in plant diversity for yield enhancement in many food crops. For participation in the study of genetic diversity of plants, producing genetically modified plants have more of essential amino acids he was awarded encouragement award of Tanta University. His scientific contributions come from his research in genetic diversity, tissue culture, molecular biology and genetic Engineering.

Reda Sammour

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This book deals with the importance of application of molecular biology as an approach of biotechnology for improvement of the quality of human life. One of the interesting topics in this field, is the identification of the organisms that produce bioactive secondary metabolites. It also discusses how to structure a plan for use and preservation of those species that represent a potential source for new drug development, especially those obtained from bacteria. The book also introduces some novel applications of biotechnology, such as therapeutic applications of electroporation, improving quality and microbial safety of fresh-cut vegetables, producing synthetic PEG hydro gels to be used as an extra cellular matrix mimics for tissue engineering applications, and other interesting applications.

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