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Takuji Ohyama is the chairman of the Fertilization Research Foundation. He obtained a Ph.D. in Agriculture from the University of Tokyo in 1980. His previous positions include professor in the Faculty of Agriculture, Dean of the Graduate School of Science and Technology, and dean of the Faculty of Agriculture, all at Niigata University, Japan. He was also a Professor in the Faculty of Applied Biosciences, Department of Agricultural Chemistry, Tokyo University of Agriculture (2017 -2022). He was president of the Japanese Society of Soil Science and Plant Nutrition from 2007–2009. His research interests are nitrogen fixation and metabolism in soybean plants, new technology of deep placement of slow-release nitrogen fertilizers for soybean cultivation, and nitrogen and carbon metabolism in rice, tulip, curcuma, and cucumber. He is also interested in the use of stable isotopes and positron-emitting radioisotopes.

Takuji Ohyama

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Increasing population and the expected decrease in crop production due to climate changes and land damage in near future may be rescued by changing from animal meat to plant protein, especially soybean protein. Recently, meat substitutes produced from soybean have become popular This book discusses recent advances in research and applications of soybean. Soybean seeds contain an extraordinarily high concentration of protein and oil, and the demand for soybean is increasing due to their nutritional value for both humans and livestock. Also, soybean has been used as biofuel in the replacement of petroleum oil. This book gives a comprehensive overview of soybean in five sections: “Role of Soybean for Food Security”, “Physiology and Biochemistry of Soybean Plants”, “Cultivation and Productivity of Soybean”, “Breeding and Biotechnology of Soybean”, and “Food and Biodiesel Industry”.

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