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Jesus Hamilton Ortiz has a Ph.D. in Computer and Telecommunication Engineering. He is an international reviewer, editor, scientist, and entrepreneur in computer, telecommunication, and aerospace engineering. Dr. Ortiz has edited approximately nine books on ad hoc networks, telecommunication networks, wearables, Industry 4.0, mobile networks, mobile computing, and more. He is an associate editor of the journal IEEE Access. He is currently working on drone swarms, flying ad hoc networks (FANETs), bio-inspired algorithms, urban air mobility, air taxis, artificial intelligence, machine learning, the Volocopter, big data, blockchain, business intelligence, vertical–horizontal integration, and 5.0 society, and different disruptive technologies including cobots and humanoid robots.

Jesus Hamilton Ortiz

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Collaborative and Humanoid Robots guides readers through the fundamentals and state-of-the-art concepts and future expectations of robotics. It showcases interesting research topics on robots and cobots by researchers, industry practitioners, and academics. Divided into two sections on “Collaborative Robots” and “Humanoid Robots,” this book includes surveys of recent publications that investigative the interaction between humanoid robots and humans; safe adaptive trajectory tracking control of robots; 3D printed, self-learning robots; robot trajectory, guidance, and control; social robots; Tiny Blind assistive humanoid robots; and more.

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