Ana Maria Gonzalez

National University of the Northeast

Ana Maria Gonzalez is the director of the Northeast Botanical Institute (Corrientes, Argentina), where she is an independent researcher in the Career of Scientific Researcher of CONICET. She is also in charge of the Plant Anatomy Laboratory at the Institute. She is the editor-in-chief of the journal Boletín de la Sociedad Argentina de Botánica. Her teaching career includes being a Professor of Biology at the Universidad Nacional del Chaco Austral (Saenz Peña, Chaco, Argentina), and of Vascular Plant Morphology, Faculty of Agriculture, National University of the Northeast (Corrientes, Argentina). She is a postgraduate lecturer in the master's and doctoral courses at the Faculty of Agriculture, where she teaches numerous courses in anatomy, histology and bioimaging techniques. She has seventy published works and more than 130 papers at botanical congresses.

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Over seven chapters, this book helps readers to integrate knowledge of plant anatomy, physiology, and morphogenesis as well as consider the conditions of the different environments to which plants are exposed. It highlights the importance of knowledge of the anatomy of plant tissues for different applications. In addition to the variety of physiological studies presented here, the book also emphasizes anatomical studies in botanical quality control of medicinal herbs with human health benefits. It is reflected in this book that studies on plant structure have greatly benefited from the new approaches and techniques available today.

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