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National University of the Northeast

Ana Maria Gonzalez is the director of the Northeast Botanical Institute (IBONE), where she is a National Scientific and Technical Research Council (CONICET) researcher. She is also in charge of the IBONE's Plant Anatomy Area. Her teaching career includes being a Professor of Vascular Plant Morphology, Faculty of Agriculture, Universidad Nacional del Nordeste, Corrientes, Argentina, and Professor of Biology, Universidad Nacional del Chaco Austral, Saenz Peña, Chaco, Argentina. She is a postgraduate lecturer in master\'s and doctoral courses in the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, where she teaches numerous courses on anatomy, histological techniques, and bioimaging. Dr. Gonzalez has published 88 articles and more than 160 abstracts presented at national and international congresses.

Ana Maria Gonzalez

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Over six chapters, this book deals with different aspects of parasitic plants, from generalities to specific case studies. A large part of the book deals with holoparasites that cause damage in agriculture, such as those of the genus Cuscuta. Their biology, forms of management, interaction with hosts as transmitting vectors, and even their phytochemistry and medicinal uses are analyzed. Cases of parasitic plants approached from the cultural relationship with humans are presented for an area of Africa, as well as a review of the biology of the American genus Lophophytum, a holoparasite that is not harmful to agriculture and is even in danger of conservation.

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Parasitic Plants Edited by Ana Maria Gonzalez

Parasitic Plants

Edited by Ana Maria Gonzalez

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Plant Science Structure, Anatomy and Physiology in Plants C... Edited by Ana Maria Gonzalez

Plant Science

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