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Dr. Eugene Terry Tatum is today’s foremost expert on the potential applications of black holes with respect to cosmology. This has a long-standing tradition dating back to the Hawking-Penrose conjecture that a time-reversed giant black hole (i.e., smoothly-expanding as opposed to smoothly-collapsing) could be used as a general relativity model for cosmologies originating from a 'singularity” condition. Following the initial Planck Collaboration reports, Dr. Tatum published two seminal papers comparing the observational data to the Hawking-Penrose conjecture. The results were sufficiently intriguing for Dr. Tatum and some Indian physicists to develop a successful mathematical model ['Flat Space Cosmology” (FSC)] based entirely upon black hole equations, including a slightly-modified black hole temperature formula suitable for cosmological scaling. Flat Space Cosmology is now the leading competitor to standard CDM cosmology.

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The ideas presented in this book are new scientific theories based largely upon a spate of very recent astronomical observations. These theories include: a cosmological model that appears to be superior, in many respects, to the inflationary "concordance model"; proposed thermal stability criteria for a generic quantum black hole; theoretical constraints concerning black hole binary graviton emissions; theoretical effects of abelian vortices on space-time; and a proposed solution to the mystery of the observed asymmetry between universal matter and antimatter. The new ideas presented in this book have been selected in order to inspire others that, regardless of the impending limits of observation, the scientific creative process will continue.

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