Michael L. Smith

Smart Formulations, Inc. - Retired President

Dr. Michael Smith has decades of experience in computerized data analysis and has co-authored many articles on several novel ideas in cosmology and fundamental physics. Mike has analyzed many variations of ΛCDM cosmology with the FLRW model using supernovae Ia, II, and gamma-ray burst data. He also co-authored one of the first articles on polytropic cosmology published by IntechOpen. In addition, he recently developed a more general version of the Einstein field equation. After many years working as a consultant for both the pharmaceutical and energy industries he has retired to spend some time investigating the properties of the FLRW model. He is currently interested in the real meanings of the spacetime parameters, K and Ωk, and is also writing programs to better analyze SNe Ia data and will make these Python 3 versions available to the public.

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Latest work with IntechOpen by Michael L. Smith

Cosmology 2020 – The Current State offers the reader several fresh ideas on this topic. The first chapter presents an argument that, both in theory and in reality, one cannot ignore the microscopic world to concentrate on the Universe at only the galactic level. Then we have several chapters presenting new explanations for dark energy and dark matter based on reasonable physics at the atomic level. We cover the beginnings of artificial intelligence to model a cosmological phenomenon and a chapter pointing out that better results can be culled from SNe Ia and HII data when appropriate computerised analyses are applied. We think this book will add some new ideas to the libraries of many cosmologists and astrophysicists.

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