Samson Jerold Samuel Chelladurai

Sri Krishna College of Engineering and Technology, Tamil Nadu, India

Dr. Samson Jerold Samuel Chelladurai is an Associate Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Sri Krishna College of Engineering and Technology (SKCET), India. He obtained a BE degree in Mechanical Engineering and an ME in Manufacturing Engineering from Anna University, Chennai, India. He received a Ph.D. in Composite Materials from Anna University in 2018. He specializes in the manufacturing of metal matrix composites, characterization of composites, tribology, and optimization techniques. He has published many journal articles and five books. He has published five patents and received grants worth USD 89,000. He has received several awards from the Sri Krishna College of Engineering and Technology (SKCET) and other organizations.

Samson Jerold Samuel Chelladurai

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This book focuses on logistics engineering in various manufacturing and service industries. It provides important original and theoretical experimental results obtained from non-routine technologies. Chapters discuss novel applications of more familiar experimental techniques and analyses of problems in logistics, supply chain, and inventory control. This book also highlights the use of blockchain technology in supply chain management, the safety of food in the supply chain, the environment of maritime transport, sustainable logistics, the autonomous warehouse, and fluid inventory control.

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