Bazani Shaik

Among all the conventional methods, Friction stir welding process has evolved recently and has become very popular as this is used for welding any materials and hard metals including aluminum, magnesium, polyethylene where accuracy is not of prime importance. At present, we have taken up this research work involving the FSW process and our objective is to conduct an experimental investigation on process parameters and studying the type of responses. It is hoped that this production process would find wide applications in the area of various shipbuilding and aerospace industries, marine and construction industries. Dr Bazani Shaik, Professor, Mechanical Engineering, RAMACHANDRA COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING,, ELURU. The research project was Investigation on friction stir welding process to improve aluminum alloys, under the supervision of Professor Dr.G.Harinath Gowd and Prof.B.Durga Prasad from Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, the co-authors of this manuscript are Professor Dr.G.Harinath Gowd leads the Production Technology, an industrial engineering research group in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Madanapalle Institute of Technology and science, Angallu and Prof.B.Durga Prasad is a leading researcher in Mechanical Engineering, JNTUACE, Ananthapuramu. Lastly Dedicated this Book to My loved Parents Father Subhani Shaik(Late), Mother Sharifunnisa Shaik(Late), My younger brother Mahaboob Khaja Shaik, My wife Jameela Shaik and My Daughter Shaik Shazmeen Fariah and Son Shaik Muhammad Shahir.

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