Vladimir Kutkov

SHORT BIOGRAPHY Dr. Vladimir KUTKOV was born in 1951 in Moscow, USSR. Graduated from Moscow Engineering Physical Institute MEPhI (now National Research Nuclear University MEPhI), in 1974. Since 1974 is working in the area of radiation protection and safety. Got PhD on physics and mathematics in 1986, thesis “Development of microdosimetry models of stochastic effects of internal sources to ionising radiation” Since 1992 a member of Russian Scientific Commission on Radiation Protection. In 1986-1991 worked with mitigation of consequences of the Chernobyl accident. In 1996-2004 representative of the Russian Federation in the Radiation Safety Standards Committee (RASSC) of the IAEA. As a consultant in area of radiation protection in emergency exposure situation served to the IEC IAEA in 2004-2007, 2009-2013, and 2017-2018. The major area of expertise is support of operators and regulatory authorities in development of adequate arrangements and capabilities for response to nuclear and radiological emergencies. Author and co-author of more than 230 publications (in 2018), including 11 books and 25 regulations, and about 15 IAEA Publications on emergency preparedness and response to nuclear and radiological emergencies.

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