Antonio Valero Díaz

University of Cordoba

Prof. Antonio Valero has obtained a Degree in Biology and PhD in Food Science and Technology at the University of Cordoba. He has currently more than 10 years experienced managing projects, training courses, academic teaching and events in food and related sectors. He has participated in different national and international research projects related to predictive modelling and risk assessment. His research activity is widely shown as he has published over 70 peer reviewed papers and book chapters mainly related to application of predictive models in foods, microbial risk assessment and management and derivation of microbiological criteria in selected foods. Additionally, he has presented more than 100 communications in different congresses and symposia since 2003.

Antonio Valero Díaz

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Deep knowledge of the chemical composition, nutrients, physical properties, toxicology, and microbiological composition of food allows for the production of safe, high-quality foods. This knowledge is fundamental when producing, preserving, manipulating, and distributing food substances, especially to reduce the risks to consumer health. The full extent of the effects on the composition of foods treated by new technologies is still unknown and it must be considered to guarantee that food is produced safely. Descriptive Food Science gives an in-depth insight into this field. Section 1 focuses on the quality of various foods and Section 2 centers on how different technological treatments affect the quality of food.

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