Rosa Lidia Solís-Oviedo

Autonomous University of Chihuahua

Dr. Solís-Oviedo has an expertise in microbial genetics, biotechnology, and fermentation processes. She is a PhD in Biochemical Sciences and a BSc in Biochemical Engineering. Dr. Solís-Oviedo is a Researcher belonging to the Mexican National System of Researchers (SNI) from the Mexican National Council for Sciences and Technology (CONACyT). She is also a Member of the National Registry of Accredited Science Reviewers (RCEA) from CONACyT at the Biology/Chemistry Division. Her current work interests are: (i) to exploit industrial properties of beneficial strains, specifically in food fermentations, (ii) production of chemical commodities from renewable resources. She held a postdoctoral position in the Professor Minton´s Lab at The University of Nottingham; where she gained experience in genetics and microbial biotechnology aspects for the production of metabolites of industrial interest from industrial wastes.

Rosa Lidia Solís-Oviedo

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From time immemorial fermented foods have undoubtedly contributed to the progress of modern societies. Historically, ferments have been present in virtually all human cultures worldwide, and nowadays natives from many ancient cultures still conduct a wide variety of food fermentations using deep-rooted recipes and processes. Within the last four centuries, scientific research has started to unravel many aspects of the biological process behind fermentations, which has contributed to the improvement of many industrial processes. During our journey in the research field, we have always been attracted to the development of scientific research around fermentations, especially autochthonous ferments: a natural repository of novel biomolecules and biological processes that will positively impact on many application fields from health, to food, to materials.

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