Metin Budak

Trakya University

Metin Budak, MSc, PhD is an Assistant Professor at Trakya University, Faculty of Medicine. He has been Head of the Molecular Research Lab at Prof. Mirko Tos Ear and Hearing Research Center since 2018. His specializations are biophysics, epigenetics, genetics, and methylation mechanisms. He has published around 25 peer-reviewed papers, 2 book chapters, and 28 abstracts. He is a member of the Clinical Research Ethics Committee and Quantification and Consideration Committee of Medicine Faculty. His research area is the role of methylation during gene transcription, chromatin packages DNA within the cell and DNA repair, replication, recombination, and gene transcription. His research focuses on how the cell overcomes chromatin structure and methylation to allow access to the underlying DNA and enable normal cellular function.

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‘Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication’- Leonardo Da Vinci
The methylation that occurs simply by attaching one or more methyl molecules to a DNA molecule continues to confuse the scientific world by creating highly complex molecular arrangements. Research on methylation mechanisms have discovered that this simple biochemical event (which adapts to the changing micro/macro environment of the organism, to diseases and even cancerous processes) has shown that it is actually not as simple as it seems. In the last 50 years, our efforts to understand these mechanisms and use them to benefit human beings have continued. With this book called “DNA methylation mechanism”, in which we try to explain the effects on every stage of life, we hope that we have been able to create a resource book for everyone interested in this field, from students who are interested, to amateurs and professionals.

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