Metin Budak

Trakya University

Metin Budak, MSc, Ph.D., is an associate professor and vice director in the Biophysics Department, Faculty of Medicine, Trakya University, Turkey. He has been head of the Molecular Research Lab at the Mirko Tos Ear and Hearing Research Center, Trakya University, since 2018. His specializations are biophysics, molecular biology, epigenetics, genetics, and methylation mechanisms. He has published around twenty-three peer-reviewed papers, two edited books, three book chapters, and thirty-two abstracts. He is a member of the Clinical Research Ethics Committee and Quantification and Consideration Committee of the Medicine Faculty. His research interests include mutations and polymorphisms in cancers, the role of methylation during gene transcription, chromatin DNA packages within the cell, and DNA repair, replication, recombination, and gene transcription.

Metin Budak

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Cancer is a major public health problem and much research is being conducted to develop effective treatments for various types of malignancies. In doing so, researchers must have comprehensive knowledge about what causes cancer. This book explains the mechanisms of different types of cancers in twelve chapters organized into three sections on oncogenes, tumor suppressor genes, and viral oncogenes.

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Molecular Mechanisms in Cancer IntechOpen
Molecular Mechanisms in Cancer Edited by Metin Budak

Molecular Mechanisms in Cancer

Edited by Metin Budak

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DNA Methylation Mechanism IntechOpen
DNA Methylation Mechanism Edited by Metin Budak

DNA Methylation Mechanism

Edited by Metin Budak