Jelena Stojšić

University of Belgrade Serbia

Jelena Stojšić is a senior scientific researcher and has been a thoracic pathologist for the last 28 years. His major interests include lung pathology, lung cancer, and interstitial lung diseases, especially sarcoidosis. She has researched genetic alterations in lung cancer and their impact on personalized therapy. She has given many invited speeches and is the author of many articles on sarcoidosis. She is also an editor of journal special issues and books.

Jelena Stojšić

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Sarcoidosis is a generalized, systemic, and specific granulomatous disease involving many organs and systems. Diagnosis of sarcoidosis is challenging, especially when mediastinal lymph nodes and lungs are not affected. The symptoms of sarcoidosis depend on its location. Differential diagnosis of sarcoidosis among the other specific granulomatous diseases is difficult, particularly with tuberculosis on biopsy. The etiology of sarcoidosis is still unknown, but this book offers insights and explanations. It also presents guidelines for treatment.

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