Jelena Stojšić

University of Belgrade

Jelena Stojšić has been a thoracic pathologist for the last 25 years. Her major interest is in the field of lung pathology, particularly lung cancer, pleural tumors, and interstitial lung diseases. The aim of her PhD thesis was recognition of the link between molecular pathways in lung cancer and transport pumps involved in the reflux of chemotherapeutics from malignant cells. In daily practice, she is involved in lung cancer pathological diagnosis based on its morphology and immunoprofile with the aim of personalizing therapy for patients. She is the author of a chapter on lung cancer for IntechOpen and the editor of book on interstitial lung disease.

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Pleural diseases are usually accompanied by pulmonary or nonpulmonary (heart, kidney, thyroid, systemic) diseases. Rarely, pleural diseases are solitary lesions. Pleural effusions are frequent manifestations of pleural diseases. Their treatment depends on the cause of effusion. Tuberculous and nontuberculous inflammation of pleura cause effusion as well as benign and malignant tumors. Talc treatment is one of the modalities of therapy for pleural effusions. Asbestosis is still the leading cause of pleural tumors. A solitary fibrous tumor of pleura is a mesenchymal tumor with various morphological patterns but with a consistent immunophenotype. A high proliferative index requires frequent follow-up because of possibe relapse and mandatory oncological treatment. A pleural malignant mesothelioma is aggressive and is the most frequent tumor of mesothelial origin. This book provides readers with a better understanding of pleural diseases, their etiology, diagnosis, and therapy

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