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University of Calcutta

Dr Sujit Kumar Bhattacharya was born on 15 January 1950 and obtained his MD (Internal Medicine) degree in 1979 from Calcutta University. He joined the National Institute of Cholera and Enteric Diseases, Kolkata and became Director of the institute in 1994. He was then elevated to Additional Director General of the Indian Council of Medical Research, New Delhi. He joined the South East Asia Regional Office, New Delhi in 2009 and retired in 2011. He also served as Director of the Rajendra Medical Research Institute of Medical Sciences, Patna, and Virology Research Centre, Kolkata. He is a fellow of three prestigious academies in India. He served in the Scientific Advisory Group of Tropical Diseases Research (TDR), Geneva. He attended many national and international conferences. He has to his credit about 500 publications. He received the Ranbaxy Science Foundation award for excellence in research in clinical science. He is now involved in clinical medical patient care.

Sujit Bhattacharya

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Acute diarrheal diseases (ADD) are important causes of morbidity and mortality worldwide. ADD includes, among others, cholera, shigellosis, and rotavirus diarrhea. These diseases are known to cause sporadic epidemics. Cholera and shigellosis are known to even cause pandemics. The treatments of these two diseases have been simplified with the advent of oral rehydration therapy and effective antibiotics. However, development of drug resistance poses tremendous therapeutic challenges. This book includes chapters on new methods of classification of dehydration and this information will provide a better classification method of dehydration. Epilepsy and its association with acute diarrhea is a new area for research. Prevention of acute diarrhea in school children and treatment with herbal medicines are important areas to pursue further. The readers will find herein new concepts in diarrheal disease research and management.

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