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Prof. Milorad D. Cakić was born on 26 May 1951 in Leskovac, Serbia. He finished his studies at the Faculty of Chemistry in Skopje (Macedonia) in 1975. He completed his master studies in the field of molecular spectroscopy in 1978. His PhD thesis was defended at the same university in 1984. He was elected in 1985 as assistant professor at the University of Niš, Faculty of Technology in Leskovac, where he works today as a full professor. His main scientific interest is structure-spectral correlation investigations by different spectroscopic and chromatographic methods. He had published a number of articles in the field of synthesis and characterization of compounds with proven or potential pharmaceutical activity. He was an editor of many scientific publications and reviewer in a number of journals. His competences are experience in project management and managing of academic institution at different levels (dean, vice dean, head of the department, head of the laboratory, member of the senate, and deputy president of the Expert Board for Natural Sciences and Mathematics). Prof. Cakić is a member of the Board for the Accreditation of Scientific-Research Organizations of the Republic of Serbia.

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The main purpose of this book is to provide a modern review about recent advances in Fourier transforms as the most powerful analytical tool for high-tech application in electrical, electronic, and computer engineering, as well as Fourier transform spectral techniques with a wide range of biological, biomedical, biotechnological, pharmaceutical, and nanotechnological applications. The confluence of Fourier transform methods with high tech opens new opportunities for detection and handling of atoms and molecules using nanodevices, with potential for a large variety of scientific and technological applications.

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