Dragan Cvetkovic

University of Nis Serbia

Prof. Dragan J. Cvetković was born on 26 June 1977 in Leskovac. He finished elementary and high school in Lebane, and then he completed his studies at the Faculty of Technology in Leskovac in the year 2002.He finished his PhD thesis in the year 2012 at the Faculty of Technology in Leskovac. Dragan Cvetković participated in the realization of numerous projects funded by the Ministry of Science, Republic of Serbia. He was engaged on the project “Folding and Stability of Phycobilisome Proteins” at the Institute of Biology and Technology of Saclay, France. He also participated in realization of the project entitled “Contribution of Chemical Quenching of Singlet Oxygen to Pro- and Antioxidant Activity of Carotenoids,” funded by the Polish Ministry of Science. He was elected as a teaching assistant in the year 2008on Physical Chemistry, Colloid Chemistry, and Instrumental Analysis, but in the year 2012, he was elected as an assistant professor on physicochemical group of subjects at the Faculty of Technology in Leskovac.

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Carotenoids are one of the most widespread pigment groups distributed in nature; more than 700 natural carotenoids have been described so far. These pigments are known for versatile roles they play in living organisms; however, their most pivotal function is involvement in scavenging of reactive oxygen species and photoprotection. In the same time, carotenoids as natural pigments with important biological activities, such as antioxidant and provitamin A activity, have a great potential in the food, feed and pharmaceutical industries. They can be either extracted from plants and algae or synthesized by various microorganisms, including bacteria, yeasts, filamentous fungi and microalgae.

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