Beatriz Peña-Acuña

University of Huelva

Beatriz Peña-Acuña enjoys discovering scientific and human aspects of reality. She is an Assistant Professor (Tenure). She teaches in the Faculty of Education of the University of Huelva. Her interests are interdisciplinar. She has an Extraordinary Doctorate Award (2012) with European mention in English. Her scientific production is prolific. She participates as a editorial board in several journals of impact (Isi Web and Scopus). She has visited several international universities (New York University, UEA, University of London, etc.). She also gives international conferences. The academic has been awarded the President’s Lifetime Achievement Award (2015). She also received an Honoris Causa from UFA University (Russia, 2016) and Catholic University of New Spain (USA, 2019).Actually she participates in an European Cost Project. Beatriz is an expert evaluator of Erasmus plus programs in the Spanish SEPIE agency.

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The transmedia narrative is a format that will renew interest in reading and stories, and also allow innovation in various educational fields, if you know how to apply and combine with innovative teaching methodologies that support and encourage play. The transmedia narrative offers a new educational and communicative landscape in a society that is discovering the possibilities offered by platforms and new digital narrative formats. This book is written by creative authors and contains many examples of innovation through transmedia narrative.

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