Ana Cristina Gonçalves

University of Évora

Ana Cristina Gonçalves is Assistant Professor with Habilitation at the University of Évora, in Department of Rural Engineering, Portugal and researcher at the Institute for Mediterranean Agrarian Sciences (ICAAM). She holds a PhD in Forestry and has authored more than 100 publications and participated in 15 research projects. Her research is focused on silviculture and modelling in pure, mixed, even-aged and uneven-aged stands; forest management and planning integrated in a GIS environment.

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The conifer tree can lead to a wide variety of products and services. Overall, the evaluation, management and planning of the multiplicity of these forest systems requires effective and specific methods and tools in a sustainable frame of the systems and of their products and services. This book reflects the current research on conifer stands and forests. The authors, specialists in different areas, addressed several issues in forest science, focusing on the species' characteristics, silviculture and climate change; growth analysis; reconstruction of stand dynamics of mixed stands; establishment, regeneration and succession; litter-fall, nutrient cycle and silviculture; distribution and zonation; and ecosystem services provided by monocultures and mixed stands.

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