Muhammad Imran

University of Lahore

Dr. Muhammad Imran received his Ph. D from the University of Agriculture, Faisalabad in 2013 with distinction. His research interests are the preparation of cost-effective polyphenol-based dietary interventions against metabolic syndromes and the conversion of agro-waste materials into value-added products along with expertise in functional and nutraceutical foods. He has more than 85 publications in impacted international and national journals with a cumulative impact factor of more than 200. He has also published 11 book chapters with international publishers such as Springer and Elsevier. Moreover, he is also working as section head of a Research Unit and has produced more than 14 M. Phil students within his research area. He has also served as a guest editor for international journals.

Muhammad Imran

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Malnutrition is a major threat faced by the developing nations and it has caused a severe health care and economic burden. This menace causes severe structural and functional abnormalities that hinders the growth of the individual and nation. This book provides complete insight of the problem, pathophysiology, impact and rectifying strategies. Moreover, this book encompasses the different sections that highlight the problem in a sequential manner. Hopefully, this book will prove to be an aid for the reader to enlighten their knowledge regarding malnutrition and its tackling strategies.

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