Raffaele Giordano

University of Naples Federico II

Raffaele Giordano is a Senior Assistant Professor at the Univerisity of Naples "Federico II", Italy. He has spent most of his scientific career in the field of research and development of electronics for data acquisition and processing in Nuclear and Subnuclear Physics experiments, including ATLAS, RD51, Belle2 and SuperB. He is the author of 371 papers on well-recognized scientific international peer-reviewed journals, including IEEE TNS, NIM-A, and JINST. His H-index is higher than 63 and the total number of citations is around 20k. He gave numerous contributions to international conferences (including 15 oral, 2 invited oral). He is the inventor of granted patents in the field of digitally controlled oscillators and methods for radiation hardening of SRAM-based FPGAs.

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