Ertan Yildirim

Atatürk University Turkey

Ertan Yildirim is a full professor in the Agriculture Faculty, Department of Horticulture, Atatürk University, Turkey. His research focuses on vegetable growing, vegetable breeding, greenhouse management, seed germination and physiology, organic agriculture, and stress physiology. He was a visiting scientist at Cornell University, New York, USA. He served as Director of the Vocational Training School and Director of the Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences at Atatürk University, Türkiye. He is a member of national and international social and governmental organizations. He has a registered garden cress cultivar and has applied to register two bean and two pinto bean cultivars. Professor Yildirim has more than 250 publications to his credit. He has served as a reviewer for many journals. He has attended many international courses, congresses, and symposiums.

Ertan Yildirim

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Seeds are important reproductive materials that enable the continued existence of plants. They are the first step of life and the key to production, sufficiency, and nutrition, in other words, existence. This book provides a comprehensive overview of seed biology, with chapters on seed morphology, physiology, metabolomics, ecology, dormancy, storage, germination, and viability.

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