Ibrahim Kahramanoglu

European University of Lefke

Ibrahim Kahramanoglu is an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Agriculture, European University of Lefke (Northern Cyprus). He is an expert in horticultural production, postharvest biology and technology, and good agricultural practices. His research includes postharvest physiology and handling of fruits, natural and novel technologies for handling and storage, digital and precision farming (agri 4.0) for sustainability, and value adding to horticultural crops.

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Starting in the 1940s, humans have aimed to increase agricultural productivity. However, along with the benefits gained, there have been several criticisms since the 1970s, especially about food security and environmental impacts. Nowadays, the demand for food is increasing while the quantity and quality of agricultural production is declining due to human-induced environmental problems, i.e. climate change and water scarcity. Moreover, our modern fruit industry needs to improve quality and quantity of fruit production while also protecting ecosystems by reducing environmental impacts. Hence, this book intends to provide the reader with a comprehensive overview of the new and eco-friendly technologies in the modern fruit industry.

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