Ibrahim Kahramanoglu

European University of Lefke, N.Cyprus

İbrahim Kahramanoğlu is an associate professor at the Faculty of Agriculture, European University of Lefke, Northern Cyprus. He is an expert in horticultural production, postharvest biology and technology, and good agricultural practices. His main research interests are postharvest physiology and handling of fruits, natural and novel technologies for handling and storage, digital and precision farming (agri 4.0) for sustainability, and value-adding to horticultural crops. He has authored various books, book chapters, conference papers, and scientific publications related to his experience.

Ibrahim Kahramanoglu

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Producers spend a great deal of money, natural resources (especially water and soil), labor, and time every year in order to feed the world’s population. However, almost one-third of the products produced as a result of all these efforts are lost before reaching consumers due to postharvest losses, which threaten both the food supply and agricultural sustainability. For this reason, it is extremely important to prevent postharvest losses of fruits and vegetables. In this context, this book provides general and new information about the physiology of postharvest losses and the latest technological developments in postharvest systems. Each chapter provides up-to-date information about the postharvest physiology and technology of fruits and vegetables for students, teachers, professors, scientists, farmers, food packers and sellers, and entrepreneurs engaged in the fresh food preservation industry.

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