Daniela Turcanu-Carutiu

Ovidius University

Prof. Daniela Turcanu-Carutiu, Ph.D. was the Director of the Institute of Science, Culture, and Spirituality, Ovidius University of Constanta, Romania, including the Center of Expertise Art Works by Advanced Instrumental Methods. Her research interest was in the heritage field: in Physico-chemical investigation by advanced instrumental methods for authentication, conservation, restoration artworks, archaeology components of cultural heritage, materials: pigments-colors and chromatology. She is the author of a reference book on cultural heritage, co-author of numerous chapters and articles published in internationally prestigious journals, and citations in ISI Thomson Web of Science. Her research projects included: an integrated approach for reinforcement of historical chalk monuments by means of nanomaterials-based treatments, new diagnosis and treatment technologies for the preservation and revitalization of archaeological components of the national cultural heritage.

Daniela Turcanu-Carutiu

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