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Dr Mehboob-ur-Rahman (Group Leader, Plant & Molecular Breeding Labs, NIBGE, Faisalabad Pakistan) has been involved in exploring genomes of cotton and wheat—paved the way for the development of nine cotton and one wheat varieties. His group has taken lead in introducing GM-cotton (containing Cry1Ac gene, Mon531) varieties to the farming community. These varieties uplifted the livelihood of 1.3 million cotton farmers (as land owner) and >7 million people (as labor force involved in undertaking various farm operations like sowing, weeding, etc.). He has published nine chapters in foreign publications, as well as over 50 publications. All these efforts were acknowledged by the International and National Agencies by bestowing him with several recognitions/awards including Pride of Performance, ICAC Cotton researcher of the Year 2014.

Mehboob-Ur- Rahman

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Cotton, a source of natural fiber for textile industry, has a long breeding history aiming at increasing cotton fiber yield and its quality. Newly developed cotton varieties poorly respond in low-input environments. Secondly, the impact of changing climate may threaten the cotton production in the future. To address these challenges, efforts toward the development of resilient cotton varieties have been initiated using genetic and modern genomic approaches. In this book, research updates on cotton fiber types and properties, DNA markers for selecting desirable cotton plants, and cotton fiber genomics were compiled. Also, the modern breeding trends including development of transgenic cotton and the biosafety studies and possibilities of improving cotton genome using modern genome editing tools were also compressively discussed.

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