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Kelly Bennett is currently a research engineer at the Army Research Laboratory. His diverse background includes semiconductor processing and design, RF circuit design, Ferroelectric thin film basic research for non-volatile memory applications, radiation hardening of electronics, acousto-optics research in spectroscopy and imaging applications, and database design and development. He has worked for the Army Research Laboratory for over 29 years as a research engineer and scientist and has over 40 professional publications in the open literature, many of which focuses on the performance issues of big data in computational environments such as MATLAB . His expertise as an IT professional includes professional certification in JAVA development and enterprise development as well as fluency in many object-based, object-orientated, and SQL languages.

Kelly Bennett

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MATLAB is an indispensable asset for scientists, researchers, and engineers. The richness of the MATLAB computational environment combined with an integrated development environment (IDE) and straightforward interface, toolkits, and simulation and modeling capabilities, creates a research and development tool that has no equal. From quick code prototyping to full blown deployable applications, MATLAB stands as a de facto development language and environment serving the technical needs of a wide range of users. As a collection of diverse applications, each book chapter presents a novel application and use of MATLAB for a specific result.

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