Yannick Bailly

University of Strasbourg

Yannick Bailly was born in 1956. During his Ph.D. at the University of Strasbourg and the University of P. & M. Curie in Paris, he deciphered the nervous system controlling fish gill exchanges. Afterward, at the CNRS in Paris, he greatly improved the understanding of synapse elimination in the developing rodent cerebellum. Since 1994, after returning to Strasbourg as a CNRS Research Director, his laboratory has become renowned for its expertise in ultrastructural neuroanatomy. Yannick Bailly has made major contributions concerning the synaptic localization of cardinal molecules involved in neurodegenerative diseases, such as amyloid precursor proteins and presenilins in Alzheimer’s disease and prion protein. His research group has provided valuable insight into neuronal death mechanisms involved in brain pathologies, in particular in prion diseases.

Yannick Bailly

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The chapters in this book review the latest advances in the molecular mechanisms of autophagy, highlighting some of the most challenging research topics. The focus is mainly on how this basic cell defense mechanism comes into play in various pathologies, including liver diseases, myopathies, infectious diseases, cancers and neurodegenerative diseases. In these diseases, the contradictory autophagy roles of cell survival versus cell death emphasize the necessity of taking into account this double-edged nature in future development of already promising, autophagy- modulating, therapies.

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