Maria Teresa Gentile

University of Campania "Luigi Vanvitelli" Italy

Dr. Maria Teresa Gentile obtained her master’s degree in Molecular Biology from the University of Naples 'Federico II” and PhD degree in Pharmacology from the Second University of Naples. She has worked on projects on cardiovascular risk factors of neurodegenerative disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease and in particular on the molecular mechanisms underlying beta amyloid–induced endothelial dysfunction and its deposition in brain tissues in animal models of essential hypertension. At the moment, her interest is on the mechanisms that control cell proliferation in glioblastoma and melanoma, and possible new therapies obtained from natural compounds. She is performing her research program at the Laboratory of Molecular and Cellular Pathology of the University of Campania 'Luigi Vanvitelli.” She is the author of numerous scientific manuscripts and book chapters.

Maria Teresa Gentile

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A team of authors from prestigious academic schools contributed to draw up a project that would give a detailed account of astrocyte's morphology and physiology, examining thoroughly all the astrocyte's types; giving an accurate description of their morphology, location, function in the brain; and illustrating their physiology and pathology in terms of dealing with neurons through "gliotransmitters," ionic channels, and membrane receptors expression. This book gives an overview of the crucial role of astrocytes in the physiology of the CNS and in the pathogenesis of several CNS disorders suggesting that the shift from a neurocentric view to one that incorporates astrocytes in disease models for drug discovery is a critical step in renewing drug development strategies to treat neurodegenerative diseases.

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