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Lidija Bitz is a principle research scientist of plant genomics at the Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke). She has a decade of working experience and research exchange from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden and Switzerland. Lidija obtained a MSc degree and defended a PhD thesis at the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. During those times she was very active in inventory, collection and genetic diversity evaluations within different germplasm. She is active in the dissemination of achieved results through the authorship and editing of monographs, scientific papers, book chapters and professional articles. She has also been successful in implementing international and regional scientific and developmental projects, starting from her student days.

Lidija Bitz

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Genetic diversity is the entire amount of genes and genotypes in a group of organisms and is of vital importance for their adaptation to different living conditions. If, for example, all humans were identical, the extinction of the entire kind could happen very fast. Let us care and nourish differences! The goal of this book is to present some of the contemporary thoughts on understandings of the genetic diversity patterns and their altering in a changing world. The book is aimed to the ones inspired to study and contemplate genetic diversity and to the audience beyond any frames.

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